The Subaru Ascent Near Sante Fe NM Knows No Boundaries in Summer Travel

The Subaru Ascent near Sante Fe NM has proven to be one of the most versatile and multifunctional vehicles traversing the pavement. Reigning as a reliable family transporter, the Ascent does not stop there. It can go far in transporting precious cargo while embodying the absolute best in size, fuel economy, cargo hold, and passenger legroom. Just point the Ascent in the desired direction, and it will take care of the rest. Mountainous Monuments


The Subaru Ascent near Sante Fe NM provides the ability to pack the gear needed to thoroughly enjoy a summer vacation in the mountains. While the cargo hold can accept various luggage configurations, additional items can be moved upstairs to the roof rack. While a cross-country trek to the Rockies or Smokies may have been a prohibited thought due to automotive limitations, the veil of uncertainty has been lifted. The Ascent motors are the answer to additional luggage, specialty gear, and the ability to comfortably travel in one of the safest vehicles populating the highways. Mountainous terrains are no longer an issue once experienced by the traditional sedan or station wagon. The Ascent features an agile ground height that allows a little off road adventure to find genuinely majestic views of the wonders of Mother Nature.

Subaru Ascent Near Sante Fe NM: Sands of Time

Those seeking a more leisurely family vacation can steer the Ascent south to Destin, Florida. Its pristine beaches and beautiful water almost chant your name in enticing for a vacation stay to remember. The Ascent provides excellent vantage points from its 360 degrees of glass. Those stunning beaches and enchanting mercantile souvenirs are not to be missed, and the Ascent makes sure to comply. Those who long for some water sports adventure can utilize the Ascent’s trusty roof rack system and convert it to a surfboard or kayak carrier. Suddenly just sitting on the beach enjoying relaxation has spun off into thrill-seeking of breaking waves. No matter the beach speed you seek, the Ascent can accommodate delivering its passengers in style and with all equipment needed to accomplish their excursions of choice.

Tabletop Fun

Subaru’s Ascent responds in just about any situation realistically possible. For the fisherman who long to tame Tabletop Lake in Missouri, the Ascent can bridge the gap. Back up to that sparkling glitter bomb of a bass boat, hook up to the Ascent, and trek to the Ozarks. The incredible gas mileage presented by the Ascent only entices the avid bass fisherman to hit the open road. With the ability to fold down the rear seat, the typical excessive supply of fishing tackle, rods and reel combos, specialty sprays, and ointments can ride just as comfortably as the driver and passengers.

Winding Roads to the Windy City

The Subaru Ascent provides multiple components that make adventure travel relatively simplistic. Some, however, prefer to take in the sights in a strict sense of relaxation. The roof rack might not even be needed. The Ascent can transport its passengers to Chicago for a week of historical tours and big city fun for that travel personality. The Ascent can provide maximum comfort for a substantial number of families. The legroom is abundant, and the cargo area has enough room for plenty of luggage. After all, a week-long trip to the Windy City calls for multiple suitcases and travel snacks. To learn more about travel possibilities in the Ascent, contact Fiesta Subaru at 8100 Lomas Blvd Albuquerque, NM 87110.