Collision Repair

Returning your Subaru to the way you love.

A damaged Subaru with safe and unharmed occupants standing by vehicle.
Sometimes the unexpected happens.
We hope you never experience an accident, but in case you do, we're here to assist in getting your Subaru properly repaired and safely back on the road. Before you begin the repair process, here’s some important information – regarding your insurance policy and basic repair rights – you should be aware of.
Review your insurance policy.
The insurance provider and policy you have for your Subaru can affect your out-of-pocket expenses, as well as where and how your vehicle is repaired, so we recommend that you:
  • Review the terms, conditions, and limitations of your insurance policy. You can always contact your insurer to review your policy and discuss specifics.
  • Learn if your policy includes the use of Genuine Subaru Collision Parts for repair. Some insurance policies may require the use of aftermarket, salvage, or reconditioned parts to lower costs.
  • Check to see if your policy includes rental vehicle coverage.
Understand your basic collision repair rights.
No matter which insurance policy you have, you are entitled to these basic rights to receive the repairs you deserve:
  • Your insurer may recommend a repair facility, but you have the right to decide where to have your Subaru repaired, unless that right is limited by your insurance policy.
  • You have the right to insist that your insurer and repair facility use only new Genuine Subaru Collision Parts for replacement. You can learn which parts will be installed based on the initial repair estimate, then you can compare them to the final invoice for verification.
  • Once a collision center has been chosen, you can ask them for a written repair estimate before authorizing any repairs. This way you can review and discuss coverage terms, Genuine Subaru Collision Parts usage, and final costs with your insurance provider if there are any concerns.
For more information about collision parts, repair, and your customer rights, visit: crashrepairinfo.com

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