The 2022 WRZ SRI Hatchback near Santa Fe NM Delivers Sport and Sense

The 2022 WRZ SRI Hatchback near Santa Fe NM defines versatility from the exterior to the interior. Its stylish design excites anyone who looks upon it, while the cockpit amplifies safety and sensibility. When thinking of a thrilling driving experience, most do not picture a hatchback. Subaru, however, breaks the stereotypes and proves roaring engines and intense cornering can be had in a sedan that offers more seating for those seeking the same as the driver.

Unique Exterior


The 2022 WRZ SRI Hatchback near Santa Fe NM might look like a sedan, but it identifies otherwise. Outfitted with an intense and sporty spoiler, the vehicle appears made for the track. While other auto manufacturers focus on accents and intense add-ons, Subaru took a more aerodynamic approach. Dips and defined edges outline a vehicle that hints at a Mad Max theme. The front-end plays homage to the same with a unique headlight design and an aggressive grille. The WRZ SRI portrays a stance of aggression with sport rims and tires carrying its confident frame. Cornering and handling instantly appear superior without even shifting into drive. If one were to judge this book by its cover, it would be an instant best seller.

2022 WRZ SRI Hatchback near Santa Fe NM: Performance

The WRZ STI oozes anticipation with its expected power source. Under the hood, a 2.4-liter Boxer engine is expected to reside. Having already met the test of time, the Boxer has successfully powered the Legacy and Outback. If further proof is needed, the 400-horsepower capability provides more than enough ability to take corners at high speeds and throw passengers back in their seats as acceleration climbs. This is a much bigger bite than the 261-horsepower output of other Subaru models. Additional excitement is wagered with the potential for a swift manual transmission, as well as a front or rear wheel drive feature. The big reveal is sure to impress.

A View Inside

The WRZ SRI expects to base the interior décor on its 2021 predecessor. If a strict interpretation is maintained, anyone who slides into the driver’s seat and grips the shifter will transform into a sport driving persona. Contoured seating will wrap the driver and passengers in a cradle of comfort and safety. Large sport knobs will provide control of features and technology. The digital instrumentation panel and the touchscreen offer capability and color that will impress anyone. While an interesting element of floorboard lighting proves stunning, the fold down rear seat expands cargo space for a sensible finish.

Pricing and Release

The closeout of 2021 cannot arrive soon enough as it marks the new WRZ STI’s much anticipated introduction. An expected showroom arrival targets early to mid-2022. Either way, automotive enthusiasts are going to have to dig deep and exercise patience while they play the waiting game. While the current model finds a price tag around $36,000, the soon to be released model is expected to sticker somewhere around $40,000. With the higher price comes the expectations of new and improved features. To find out more about those new features and technology, contact Fiesta Subaru at 8100 Lomas Blvd Albuquerque, NM 87110.