Looking for Subaru Service near Rio Rancho, NM?


If you own a Subaru, you’re probably aware it was engineered to last; after all, the company has a strong reputation for producing some of the longest-lasting autos worldwide. But did you know that Subaru vehicles serviced at a Subaru retailer tend to stay on the road even longer? According to Subaru ownership data, those are the facts! If you have your scheduled maintenance done at a Subaru dealership, you’ll be adding to the lifespan of your beloved Subie. So, if you’re looking for Subaru service near Rio Rancho, NM, look no further than Fiesta Subaru, where we’re proud to take part in keeping your Subaru looking and performing its best. Below, we highlight the reasons for servicing your ride with us.

Factory-Trained Technicians

Our factory-trained service team in Albuquerque will give your Subaru vehicle the care it deserves. We are experts on the particular components that make up your Subaru and update their skill sets with ongoing training and technical information. We also understand the needs and nuances of every model for every year. Whether your SUV has been on the road for a while or is brand-new, our mechanics will quickly identify and  resolve problems. You can expect our team to know your Subaru and to care about each of them to the smallest detail.





Genuine Subaru Parts and Tools

What’s more, when your repair and maintenance needs require replacement parts, we’ve got you covered with genuine Subaru parts and components. Only Subaru parts are purpose-designed, crafted, and engineered to fit your Subaru. 

We understand that you have options when you buy parts, but genuine Subaru components work better, fit better, and last longer. 

Your Subaru also needs special tools and equipment. We have those special tools that precisely fit your Subaru vehicle. Using the wrong tools or diagnostic equipment can cause errors and possibly damage your car further.

Fast and Efficient Subaru Service near Rio Rancho, NM

Not only is our team highly trained, but it’s also large and composed of friendly, service-oriented professionals. You can expect service with a smile and technicians who are willing to answer all your questions while explaining your service options. We provide a comfortable waiting area with free Wi-Fi and a reputation for consistently getting the job done in a timely manner. 

Free Multi-Point Inspection

Additionally, with every service appointment, we supply a free, multi-point inspection. We will check each major vehicle component for damage, wear, or malfunction. Customers from all around our area have been spared the trouble and expense of extra repairs because of something we caught on a complimentary, routine inspection.

Preserving Your Subaru’s Resale Value

Our team knows what it takes to keep every Subaru model in exceptional condition, helping you care for your investment and keep its value high. Taking good care of any vehicle, especially a Subaru, can help you get more for it when you sell it, meaning  more money to put down on your next Subaru purchase!

Online Scheduling

You can also schedule your service appointments online, anytime, 24/7, by phone, or stop by in person. Whether routine maintenance, major or minor repairs, or a seasonal checkup,  we’re as close as your nearest online device. Getting your Subaru service near Rio Rancho, NM at Fiesta Subaru is easier than ever and makes sense. We hope to see you soon at 7100 Lomas Blvd, Albuquerque, NM 87110.