Elevate Your Drive: Genuine Subaru Parts near Santa Fe NM


Fiesta Subaru parts near Santa Fe NM, have genuine Subaru accessories and parts. They are engineered to offer a higher level of safety, security, style, and personalization. Genuine Subaru accessories and parts guarantee quality and dependability that you don’t get on aftermarket accessories and parts. Our parts are manufactured to the same standards as the original factory parts to ensure durability for as long as you own your vehicle.



Subaru parts near Santa Fe NM: Dependable Parts & Testing

Our Subaru parts near Santa Fe NM, are put through extensive testing to ensure Subaru factory standards are met. There are specifications, performance goals, and government standards that must be met. All genuine Subaru parts go through a variety of testing, such as certified lab trials, chemical resistance, computer simulations, environmental testing, strength testing, and vibration resistance. Our team realizes one size does not fit all models. 


Fiesta Subaru parts near Santa Fe NM, has all the accessories to equip your vehicle with the tools to suit your adventurous side. We have Subaru Certified Technicians who have received advanced training on all Genuine Subaru accessories and systems to guarantee unified integration. We install Genuine Subaru accessories with the precision and care used during manufacturing. 


As time goes by, your Subaru will need parts replaced. Our technicians can replace worn parts with new ones during routine maintenance appointments. We can inspect and replace your brakes as needed. We can recommend brake parts that are calibrated for your model vehicle’s braking system. No one wants to be stranded due to a dead battery. Our technicians can replace your battery to keep you on the road. Your Subaru has two air filters, one for the engine and the other for the air you breathe inside the vehicle. We can replace your air filters with Genuine Subaru filters to ensure proper fit and filtration. Having a clear view without streaks, dust, and rain is essential. The elements affect your windshield wipers, causing them to become brittle and perform poorly. We will find the perfect windshield wipers for your car to ensure a clear view of the road ahead. For a smooth ride, your car’s shocks and struts absorb the bumps and holes in the road. Our parts professionals will find the shocks and struts engineered for your model Subaru to continue to deliver a smooth and enjoyable ride. We offer many parts specials such as cabin filter changes, windshield wiper replacement, front/rear brake pad replacements, rear wiper replacement, and battery replacement.



Fiesta Subaru

Our advanced, trained team of parts professionals is ready to help you with finding the perfect parts and accessories to customize your vehicle. Not just any part will work, we will make sure it’s the exact part to fit your model and trim level. Visit our website to troll our wide range selection of parts and parts specials.  


We can answer all of your accessories and parts questions. Ask about our service and parts, buy now and pay later offer. Please visit our incredible dealership located at 7100 Lomas Blvd Albuquerque, NM 87110.