Driving Brings Exhilaration with the 2023 Subaru BRZ in Albuquerque NM

The 2023 Subaru BRZ in Albuquerque NM, sports a stylish two-door design that begs for a long-distance drive, but even short grocery runs will do. Built for speed and performance, the vehicle remains a safe mode of transportation while delivering excitement in the modern-day sports car. Whether it is a run to school or a cross-country excursion, the Subaru BRZ will make the drive better than received from any other mode of transportation.

Stunning Exterior


The 2023 Subaru BRZ in Albuquerque NM resembles perpetual motion even as it stands still on the showroom floor. A monochromatic paint scheme boasts vibrant colors with side mirrors and door handles that match. The front end features an aerodynamic scoop that yields speed and efficiency. Large tires for gripping carry the vehicle and wrap confidently around sports rims. LED lighting ensures the best exterior illumination and highlights the car as it travels to various destinations. Subaru outfitted the vehicle with dual exhaust that enhanced a tight rear vantage point, complete with trunk fin and elegant vehicle badging. If the BRZ were the book’s cover, judgment would be made before ever flipping the page.

2023 Subaru BRZ in Albuquerque NM: Engine

The 2023 BRZ features a 2.4-liter direct and port injection BOXER engine, a Subaru specialty. With a quick press of the accelerator, drivers can instantly experience 228 roaring horsepower of fun. Offering confidence and control, the BRZ’s track-tune suspension allows for intense cornering with enhanced rigidity. A six-speed automatic transmission is the control source, but sport paddle shifters are available for an enhanced sport driving experience. Those wishing to return to their sports car past roots can also enjoy the manual transmission option. Subaru exercised great thought in the BRZ design, ensuring all points operated simultaneously to provide a unique driving thrill of control, speed, and handling.


Subaru understands that speed, safety and performance are only some of the concepts of driving perfection. Engineers packed the vehicle with technological advancements to complete the process, courtesy of the STARLINK Multimedia system. Your dream car comes full circle with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability. Your favorite music and apps from your phone now transform into availability through the BTRZ control center. Navigation is made easy as well. STARLINK also allows wireless Bluetooth pairing and hands-free, intelligent phone operation. Driving now becomes a leisurely pastime made possible by the BRZ and its many facets of technological advancement.

Smartphone Control

While the smartphone serves as a tool of power in hand, Subaru decided to bring its functionality to the BRZ. Through the My Subaru App, RZ owners can remotely control their vehicles’ security. No need to get up out of that favorite chair. Lock the doors through the app! Subaru extends the courtesy of convenience with scheduling availability, remote engine start, and even climate control. With the handy My Subaru App. The BRZ is readily controlled to create the perfect atmosphere before entering the vehicle. To learn more about the new BRZ for 2023, contact the dealership of Fiesta Subaru at 8100 Lomas Blvd Albuquerque, NM 87110.